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Understanding your unique commercial insurance needs is our business

Avon Insurance Brokers was established in 1969 through the merger of several smaller broking companies. We are 100% locally owned, and provide insurance broking, financial management, risk management and general consulting services to an extended client base, throughout New Zealand, from our office in Belfast, Christchurch.

As a member of the NZBrokers Group, we extend our activities throughout both Islands, and through this association we have direct access to place business into offshore underwriters where this is appropriate. The insurance market is constantly changing, and there may be a time in the future where it would be appropriate to consider placing all or part of your insurance portfolio offshore to ensure that it remains competitive. Should this be a consideration, we have full access to the necessary markets, to ensure that your future options are not limited in any way.

We have the resources and experience to manage all types of insurance. Expertise is particularly evident in the commercial property, and liability areas that represent very real financial exposures to business operations in New Zealand. The extensive experience of Avon Insurance Brokers has also resulted in heavy transport and fleet operators obtaining the maximum benefit from their insurance program.

Our formula for success within a competitive market place is quite simple. The provision of a professional and efficient customer service is given the highest priority. To this end, we have invested considerable resources in the areas of staff training and development, computer information systems, and the establishment of favorable underwriting agreements.

Led by managing director Allan Daly, our senior staff have extensive backgrounds in the insurance industry, with over 100 years combined experience. We also employ our own support staff who are well trained and have varying levels of insurance industry experience.

We operate the latest in available computer information systems. The development of these systems is an ongoing process, and will enable us to meet our commitments to customer services and processing efficiency.

In servicing our large client base, we have developed strong working relationships with all the major Insurance Underwriters. This has enabled us to offer greater benefits to clients, in terms of both policy wordings and premium savings. This underwriter network also includes access to overseas insurance markets, which proves very important when servicing larger commercial clients.

Avon Insurance Brokers is a member of IBANZ, and NZbrokers, and financially supports the Salvation Army and Shirley Rugby Football Club.

NZBrokers Group:

Avon Insurance Brokers is privileged to be a member of the NZBrokers Group. NZBrokers Group is the largest cluster group of insurance brokers in New Zealand. We have pooled resources to negotiate an outstanding insurance facility with key insurance providers in New Zealand. Avon Insurance clients benefit by this association with the specifically agreed superior policy coverage obtained and the experience of a nationwide group of insurance professionals.

Insurance Brokers Assocation (NZ) Incorporated (IBANZ):

The highest standard of educational qualifications, expertise and integrity are essential components to the success of Avon Insurance Brokers. We have therefore chosen to belong to the Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand.

Membership of this Association requires its members to fulfill requirements of ongoing education in insurance subjects, adhere to strict trust account requirements, fulfill requirements of experience in the insurance industry and maintain Professional Indemnity insurance for your protection.

Not all insurance brokers operating in New Zealand can comply with or choose to accept these requirements.

Client Profile:
Avon Insurance Brokers currently service a client portfolio of in excess of 5,000 insurance accounts. These clients cover a diverse range of commercial activities and vary in size from small operators through to large and complex commercial operations with branches throughout New Zealand.

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