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Cover your business assets against loss or damage caused by accidental events


Business Assets

Otherwise known as ‘Material Damage’, this cover insures your business assets including buildings, plant, stock and chattels against loss or damage caused by accidental events or catastrophes such as fire, floods, earthquakes, storms or burglary.

We can provide cover to repair your damaged assets so that you are returned to the situation you were in prior to the loss occurring. If repairing your asset is uneconomical we can offer cover to replace the asset with today’s equivalent.

This is a comprehensive cover which generally is provided with numerous beneficial extensions and sub-limits.

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Lost or Stolen Keys

Cover for replacing locks, keys or swipe cards if they are lost or stolen, or duplicated without consent

Money Cover

Cover for money when in transit between your business, home or bank

Assets in Transit

Cover for assets including cell phones, tablets and laptops when they are temporarily away from your normal business location

Property Under Construction

Cover for alterations or extensions to your building you may arrange during the renewal year

Seasonal Stock

Cover for increases in stock value during your busier times of the year

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