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Making a Claim

In the unfortunate event where you do need to claim, there are things you can do to make sure that the claims process goes smoothly:

* Prevent any further damage where possible. We always recommend taking action to ensure that the damage is kept to a minimum
* Notify the police straight away if necessary, and make note of the attending officer’s name and ID number
* Do not accept liability. Your insurer will do this on your behalf once your claim is lodged, if they believe you are liable
* If a third party is involved, gather as much information as possible from them, including their contact details, and their insurance details if you are able to get this
* Gather contact names and details of witnesses if there are any
* Take photos of the damage, especially if you need to clean up or undertake emergency repairs to minimise the loss
* Keep any documents that help to prove the cost of your loss, such as receipts or invoices
* Keep the damaged items where possible, so a loss adjustor can view them
* Contact us as soon as you are able to, so we can arrange for the claim to get underway for you

Claim Forms:
Generally insurers will require a claim form to be completed before they will accept your claim. For your convenience we have included links to our online claim forms below. Simply choose the relevant claim form  and send it in to us.

Avon General Online Claim Form

Avon Motor Online Claim Form

Alternatively, if you prefer to complete a form by hand and return it to us, below are our PDF options for you to download.

Windscreen Claims:
If you require a windscreen repair or replacement on your vehicle and you have full comprehensive cover, it is likely that you will have no applicable excess. If this is the case you are able to go ahead and arrange a repair, all you will require is your insurer and your policy number.

Do call us to confirm your excess, and your insurer and policy number details if you are unsure.

You are usually able to use any repairer of your choice for windscreen claims. If you wish to use Smith & Smith, please click here to access Avon’s online booking system with Smith & Smith.

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