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In an emergency can I get in touch with Avon Insurance Brokers at any time?

Yes, definitely, we are available 24/7 for claims assistance. Just call us on 03 365 7171 and the phone message will give you options to contact us after hours.

Does it cost more to use Avon Insurance Brokers than to go directly to the insurance company?

No not at all. We receive commission from the insurance companies for placing policies with them.

How do I get a quote from Avon Insurance Brokers?

Just give us a call. We can gather information from you over the phone, via email or we can come and visit you at your home or business.

Do I need to notify you if my situation changes?

Yes, if your situation changes you do need to tell us, and we will pass on the information to your insurer on your behalf. If you are unsure whether a change will affect your insurance policy just call us and have a chat. It is always safest to disclose!

What happens if I do not return my completed application form?

If your insurance policy is issued subject to completion and return of an application form, then your insurer may choose to withdraw the cover if this is not returned. The completed application is a signed declaration that all information provided is true and correct.


What options do I have for payment of my insurance premium?

We offer payment of annual premiums by cheque, cash or direct credit into our bank account which is noted on your invoice. If you would prefer to pay monthly, we can finance your premiums and arrange payment via direct debit. Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to accept credit card or Eftpos payments.

Can I pay monthly by automatic payment?

Unfortunately no, we are not able to accept monthly payments by automatic payment. We will however make the process of setting up a direct debit as easy as possible.

What happens if I am paying monthly and I miss a payment?

We will always notify you in writing if this occurs, however if you notice that this has happened it is always best to call us. We will be happy to discuss payment options to ensure that your policies remain in place.

Do I get my premium refunded if I have a total loss claim?

No, not if the claim is in the same renewal period as that which you have paid the premium for. Your insurance policy is essentially a contract between yourself and your insurer, in which you pay a premium in return for your insurer providing the cover for a set period. In the event where your insurer has paid your total loss claim, they have fulfilled their obligation under the contract, in return for the premium payment. Therefore there is no obligation under the contract to issue any refund.


Do I contact Avon Insurance Brokers or the insurance company to make a claim?

Always contact us here at Avon. Part of our service to you is to handle the claims process with your insurer on your behalf, to make it as easy as possible for you to get back on track.

Do I have to pay my excess if I lodge a claim?

In most circumstances yes you do. Your excess is the portion of the claim cost that you will be responsible for.

When do I pay my excess for a vehicle accident?

Generally you will pay this to the vehicle repairer when the repairs are complete and you are ready to pick up your vehicle. Repairers will usually require this before they will release your vehicle back to you.

How many free windscreen claims am I allowed to make each year?

If you have full comprehensive vehicle insurance with us you will usually have cover for windscreen or window glass damage without having to pay an excess. There is no limit to how many you can make in any one year. If your insurer finds that you have made a lot of glass claims over a number of years they may impose conditions to this cover, but you would be notified if this occurred.

How do I make a windscreen claim?

If you have full comprehensive cover it’s easy. All you have to do is give your insurance company name and policy number to your chosen repairer. If you are unsure if you have windscreen cover with no excess just give us a quick call and we will confirm this for you.

What information should I gather if I am in a vehicle accident?

As much as you can about the other drivers involved, including their names, contact details, and vehicle make, model and registration number. Also get their insurance details and drivers licence number if you are able to. If there are any witnesses to the accident we recommend you obtain their names and contact details as well, and if the police attend the accident then get their name and their ID number.

Policy Coverage

What does ‘market value’ mean on my vehicle insurance?

Most vehicle policies we offer are ‘market value’ policies. This means that if your vehicle is written off you will be paid what the value of the vehicle would have been in today’s market, prior to the loss occurring. Therefore we always recommend you check to make sure that the sum insured noted on the policy accurately reflects the market value of your vehicle.

What does ‘replacement value’ mean on my business assets insurance?

‘Replacement Value’ means that in the event where it is not possible or it is uneconomical to repair your assets, your insurance company will pay the cost to replace the asset with today’s equivalent. The maximum they will generally pay is the sum insured you have specified on the policy.

How is my sum insured set?

It is up to you to advise us on the sum insured you would like to place on your assets. We can offer advice on who to ask if you are unsure what your sums insured should be, and what factors to consider when setting your sums insured.

Can I get fire only cover on my damaged building?

No, we are not able to obtain cover for the risk of fire only. In most cases you will need to conduct repairs before being able to obtain cover on a damaged building.

Why do I have to provide my turnover details for my public liability insurance?

Your insurer will need to know the size of your business to determine the size of the risk they are covering you for. Your turnover is generally a reliable indication of your business size.

How do I calculate my turnover?

Your turnover is your total income before any expenses are paid. If you are unsure what this might be you are best to talk to your accountant.

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